We have a range of drinks driven by quality rather than quantity. We believe in sourcing the best possible produce to offer choice and value for money rather than a tiresome range of bland drinks.  

Our mixers are supplied by Fever Tree, our juices by Hartridges and we stock over 20 different gins!

We aim to utilise our supplier network and bring the best of the British Isles to you when you visit us.

Our cask ale range continually changes and encompasses local breweries, our own brews from our in house Brewery and guest beers from all over the UK. We generally have 5-7 ales on at any time but often do a mini ale festival and have around 17-22 on over a weekend. 

We have up to 9 craft keg products on at any time.

Our range out rivals more than any other pub on the broads, apart from our sister pub The Lion At Thurne